Natalie Perkins

Natalie Perkins

I draw pictures and make things.

I‘ve grown up with a passion for drawing and creating things, using my hands to solve problems and make my world prettier. Fancy Lady Industries started with a simple idea, a piece of typography saying "fat" that turned into an iconic necklace worn by hundreds of kick arse people around the world.

I play ukulele and sing, and I’m still trying to finish a granny square blanket I started over a year ago.

Nick Perkins

Nick Perkins

I help Natalie with stuff.

I’m the person on the lookout for the technical icebergs that threaten to sink the good ship Fancy Lady Industries. I manage the technology that allows you to browse all the beautiful trinkets and prints. Of course, I can do that for you too – just buzz over to Oh Bees and take a squiz. *blatant free plug*

In my spare time I fly flight simulators, love to sing and watch motorsport and cycling (Vive le Tour!). I also spend many minutes a day grooming my magnificent beard.

Miffy Perkins

Miffy Perkins

Stamp licker.

Miffy is our one-eyed, ball-chasing, snack-loving, furry assistant. She came to live with us three years ago and pulls her weight in the Fancy Lady Industries corporation by being cute and licking the occasional stamp.

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